Just use the “feed” links or click the “+Google” icon in the lower right of the calendar to get started. Note: hover over the feed link and control-click or right-click to copy the url. XML feedICAL feed | HTML feed | Learn more

More community-sourced instructions

These instructions come from fellow members. If you have other suggestions, let us know.

MS Outlook On a Windows machine with Outlook ’07.

  1. Goto “Tools”
  2. Goto “Accounts”
  3. Goto “Internet Calendars (tab)”
  4. Click “new”
  5. Goto “”
  6. Right click on the “iCal” link and copy the link address (not just a straight copy)
  7. go back to Outlook and paste the URL into the box as the calendar address
  8. in the next screen name the calendar “Leadershipgift” (it comes up as “basic”)
  9. Voila … go back to Outlook main page and look for the new calendar on the left side.   You have now subscribed to it.  There are different ways to show your calendar but you can look at both at once.

For Outlook 2010. The steps are slightly different in the beginning.  You have to go to File tab, then Account Settings.  That brings up the Account Settings dialog.  From there, steps 3 and on are the same as above.

Google and IOS. If you’re a Google user, after subscribing you can push the events to iOS devices at the following URL, including alerts and notifications. Bear in mind that icloud features may cause double entry on mobile devices if it’s published to you from more than one location. Mac OS To subscribe on your Mac calendar

  1. Open the calendar app
  2. Goto “file”
  3. Goto “New calendar subscription”
  4. Copy/Paste the ical URL from

Much like Outlook above this will mean when something changes your calendar is always up to date.